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Answering Service Albany NY Telephone Call Center

Answerphone Call Center Albany NY

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Personalized Answering Service
It all starts with understanding YOUR needs. Whether you're a Fortune 100 company or a one-person startup, WE CARE about providing customized telephone answering and call center services that are ideal for you and your clients.
We'll take the time to learn about your operations and explore, with you, options for meeting YOUR goals.  We value simplicity, but if your needs are complex, you'll have choices from an almost infinite set of sophisticated features seamlessly tailored to suit your company's needs and desires.

A Caring Voice
Answerphone offers a full suite of telephone answering and call center services, including email and web-based apps, 2-way texting, voice mail, IVR, appointment scheduling / reminders, and much more.
As live agent services are the heart and soul of our operations, we spend the time and money it takes to recruit, train and retain people that are among the best in our industry. When YOUR clients call, they deserve to be answered with as capable and CARING a voice as would be your own.
Our online customer relationship management software enables you to input your schedule, update us on your status, retrieve messages and monitor call recordings, from anywhere in the world. We continuously update and upgrade our in-house technology and capabilities, so that YOUR choices and service features are always cutting edge.

Local Call Center Presence
With local phone numbers in hundreds of cities nationwide, we're only a local call away from you and your callers.

Flexible Answering Service Packages
Answerphone provides comprehensive and customizable service plans for small businesses to international corporations, from medical offices to construction companies, and on budgets of just about any size: large, small, and everywhere in between. Whether you are in need of telephone answering or call center services, we have options that will WORK FOR YOU.

Call Albany NY Answering Service

Please contact us - We would be honored to have you join our community.



Albany NY Answering Service

Call Center Agents are rigorously trained, highly experienced and detail-oriented with the skills to communicate in a personalized fashion, recite scripted content (if applicable), and collect and convey information accurately and efficiently. Your callers and clients will receive professional, courteous, individualized and CARING service, making YOUR business shine.

National Answering Service Capabilities. As a client of Answerphone, you would have access to the resources of a national-scale telephone answering service and business call center, operating in a 24 x 7 x 365 environment.
With a 60+ seat State-of-the-Art Contact Center, offices in several states, and nearly 100 employees, you'll receive dependable, consistent and superior results.  We are confident we can earn your TRUST.

Dynamic Culture
Answerphone is a two-time honoree [2012 & 2011] of The Inc 5000, "The 5,000 Fastest-Growing Companies In America". We got there by listening to the needs of our clients, working hard on the many details of our telephone answering and call center services, and continuously monitoring and improving quality. We expect to re-join this list many times in the years to come.



Telephone Answering Service Business Call Center
Specializing in: Medical / Dental / Nursing / Funeral / Attorney / Legal 
Plumbing / Heating / Air Conditioning / Cooling / Mechanical / Electrical / Fuel (Oil / Propane / LPG) Delivery

Albany NY, Utica NY, Syracuse NY, Rochester NY, Buffalo NY, Charlottesville VA, Marietta GA, Atlanta GA, Columbus GA, NYC, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Garden City NJ, Brentwood NJ, Riverhead NY, Bronx, Bridgeport CT, Stamford CT, Hartford CT, Boston MA, Providence RI, Waterford CT, Dallas TX, Houston TX, Detroit MI, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Los Angles CA, San Francisco CA, Cleveland OH, Pittsburgh PA, Chicago IL, New York NY, Phoenix AZ, Philadelphia PA, San Antonio TX, San Diego CA, San Jose CA, Jacksonville FL, Indianapolis IN, Austin TX, Columbus OH, Fort Worth TX, Charlotte NC, Memphis TN, Baltimore MD, Denver CO, Milwaukee WI, Washington DC, Las Vegas NV, Miami FL, Raleigh NC, Minneapolis MN, St. Louis MO, New Orleans LA, Tampa FL

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