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 24 Hour Live Answering Service

24/7 Live Operator Answering Service

Live Operator Answering Services
Our Live Operators are available to project a courteous and professional image for your company. Our operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They are able to handle complex accounts, which can be set up under your direction. Operator time is only billed for actual connect time with our operators; we never charge for ring time or hold time.

Voice Mail Services
Our stand-alone voicemail service plans handle a variety of needs. Our basic voicemail, or Cheap Talk, is paid in advance with all set-up fees and taxes included. Our deluxe voicemail system includes thousands of call per month. Emergency notification can be included with any new voicemail service, so you will never miss an important message!

Local Numbers
Do you need local numbers in your area? Want to make sure your business appears local? We have local numbers available in hundreds of cities across the country. Use our numbers to appear local when advertising

Toll Free Numbers
Need a toll free number? We’ve got them!

Appointment Setting Service

Appointment Setting Service

Appointment Setting
Do you need to hire an employee to answer phones and schedule appointments? We can help! Let our staff answer your phones and schedule appointments for you. You block out your busy times and our staff can schedule around your availability in real time! Best of all, when our operators fill in an open slot in your schedule, you’ll receive a notification and see the new appointment on the schedule on your end. This amazing feature saves you time and will make you money!

Automated Appointment Reminder Calls (or Text or Email)
These automated calls are great for confirming appointments and/or helping clients reschedule when necessary. Use our automated system instead of having staff members take valuable time out of their day. A great feature of your automated system is that we can schedule when the calls take place. We can place the call during evening hours when your clients are home. These calls can greatly decrease the number of time robbing ‘no shows’. We can also control what appears on the caller ID. Setting the caller ID so your business name and/or phone number shows up on the caller ID can greatly increase the success rate of these calls.

Automated Online On Call Scheduler
Great for Doctors! Instead of calling into an answering service to explain when a doctor is on call, simply go online to set the schedule. Everything happens online in real time so mistakes are very rare, avoiding the dreaded call to the wrong person! Being on call is hard enoughâ�¦ getting called when you’re not on call doesn’t need to happen anymore.

Order Taking
Your customer wants to place an order but you’re not available to take the call. What happens to that customer? Do they call back? Do they call someone else? Let us take that order for you! There are still many people who would rather place an order over the phone with a live person rather than going on the Internet. We can make your business appear larger and more professional, all while saving you time.

Medical Messaging Service

Medical Messaging Services

Secure Messaging
HIPPA requires that any messaging that contains personal medical information needs to be secure. We have the latest in secure messaging. Ask us about our secure text and email messaging.

Call Routing and Transfer
We can take your calls and transfer them to the appropriate individual or location. Essentially, this allows us to be your front office, screening the call and routing it to the correct person, location, or voice mailbox.

Emergency Services Dispatching
We can transfer emergency calls differently than a typical call. We can even keep someone on the line until an appropriate person is reached for a call transfer.

Call Record Feature
Unlike many other answering services, we have the ability to record and save any calls for later review. This allows us to review a call for accuracy when necessary. It also allows you to review your calls so you can be sure our operators are handling things the way you would handle them.

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