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Points of Distinction

There are a number of distinctions that separate us from other call centers.

Our Local Presence
Nationwide coverage, with local numbers in hundreds of cities!

Our Equipment
A state-of-the-art call facility with an annual upgrade budget of over $100,000!

Our Applications
Leading edge capabilities with numerous enhanced features, including:

  • On-Call Scheduler
  • Appointment Confirmations
  • Web-Based Messaging
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Information Tables
  • AlertMD

Our People
Our people are the keys to our success.

  • Rigorous screening and training for new employees
    (only 10% make the cut!)
  • The average employee tenure is over 3 years
  • Compensation and benefits package at the top of our industry
  • A strong management and administration team with breadth and depth

Our Systems
We have a customer-centric operating philosophy, with layered quality assurance processes. All contacts and messages are documented and archived. All calls are recorded and archived on a voice logger.