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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Things run so smoothly when you’re answering our phone that we’re actually trying to discourage our callers from trying to contact us any other way!”
– Tom Dowling, St Peter’s Hospital Behavioral Health

“I’ve had several answering services in the past, and since switching to your service, you have been flawless!”
– Ray Durelli, Modern Technologies

“We would like to thank you for the excellent service you have given us. We have had quality service from your operators and through the voice mailbox system. Our patients and the entire dental team appreciate knowing that messages are received and recorded accurately and we feel that we are now able to deliver a higher level of care to each patient in our office and on the telephone. Our only regret is that we had not known about your service sooner. It is a pleasure to do business with you.”
– Robert O. Santoro, DMD, Rose Dental Associates

“You did a great job tracking me down when my pager battery died and I didn’t know it.”
– Charles Lasky, MD

“Thank you for all the great work you do!”
– Edward Jacobs, MD

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with your services. It took 12 years of going through answering services to find your company and we are extremely happy. Your operators are professional and efficient. Our messages are relayed to us as we had requested and in a timely manner. The operators are good at running things by us that they are unsure of. I wish you would use me as a reference remember, I used to own my own answering service many years ago and your company has been the only one to satisfy our high standards for professionalism and good business practices.”
– Patti Aldi, Aldi’s Roofing Co., Inc.

“Thank you to all of you who worked with me on Christmas Eve. It was a very busy day and your patience and positive outlooks made it a more than tolerable time for me. It had the potential to be an awful day and you all made sure that didn’t happen.”
– Debbie Manginelli, CDPHP

“I called in on our line today pretending to be a caller to see how your service worked ‘ I was very impressed!”
– Keri VanDer Werken, Rape Crisis Service of Planned Parenthood

“I love the operator record feature and hearing how you handle the calls.”
– Robert Butz, PhD

“I am writing because since I switched to your auto voice check in, I have no need to speak with you (don’t take that the wrong way). I was skeptical at first about making the switch, about not having someone to get the messages from, about the quality not being there. I was wrong. It is actually better. With all the messages being recorded I can save or delete messages, hear the tone of the message. I can check in as frequently as I wish without needing to speak with anyone, yet I always have the option of speaking with your staff to retrieve a number I might have deleted in error. Again, I just want to thank you for encouraging me to make the change. It has been about 2 years and I have no regrets.”
– Bob Rankin, Northeast Funding Service

“Your service did an excellent job of filtering only the calls that needed immediate attention.”
– John Twardy, C.O.I.N.S. USA

“Your service has been fantastic! You haven’t skipped a beat!”
– Chuck Campbell, Albany Elevator

“You did an awesome job when our phone system went down. We were really impressed with how quickly you were able to change our instructions and adapt to the situation!”
– Joanne, Ofc Mgr of Community Care Family Physicians

“Thanks for all the good professional work you do, I really appreciate it. I’m blessed to have you take care of me.”
– Timothy J. O’Connor, Attorney

“You’re the best answering service out there ‘ I’m very glad to have you!”
– George Kilmer, Kilmer Funeral Home

“Thank you for the great job you did handling my calls while I was away for the last 2 months.”
– Irene Cirello, MD

“You all do a fantastic job and we really appreciate it!”
– Edward Jacobs, MD

“You guys are really great, I mean it, the best answering service I’ve ever had ! I really appreciate all the work you do, I spread the word around constantly and am happy to do it.”
– Ron Metzger, Ron Metzger Carpet Cleaning

“Answerphone does a great job compared to the service I used to have!”
– Len Buchakjian, MD

“Thanks for being so professional and doing a great job”
– Keith Payton, DVM

“One of my clients wanted me to know that when he reached the service on Sunday, your staff was very professional and did a great job.”
– Sue, Schenectady Hardware & Electric

“One of our clients, Joyce M., called to let us know her call was handled very well and she was extremely impressed.”
– Sherry, Equine Clinic at Oakencroft

“You did a really great job when we had phone problems in our office.”
– Trilla, Visiting Nurse Association

“All the “new” operators are very professional, I was hesitant at first, but now I’m sold!”
– Laurie, Patterson Heating and Air

“You are all doing a fantastic job!”
– Joey Carter, Imerys

“I wanted to let you know we so appreciate the wonderful job you all do, especially on days like this when we can’t get into our office.”
– Theresa McQueen, Visiting Nurses Catskill

“Your people are so nice and pleasant when they call me.”
– Theresa McQueen, Visiting Nurses Catskill

“I was half asleep when I called in to change the on call person this morning, but your operator was so friendly that I perked right up!”
– Stacy, Alcoholics Anonymous, Region Ten

“I was hesitant when I first heard that your company bought our old answering service (AllStar), but I’m very satisfied!”
– Skeet Stokes, Roswell Therapy

“I love the Telepatch feature, our old service didn’t have that and it’s very useful!”
– Steven Sayre, Charlottesville Psychological Associates

“Loving your service ‘ everyone is friendly and wonderful!”
– Roberta Parker, MD

“I called in for messages the other day and spoke to one of your male operators ~ he was very professional and it sounded like I was talking to someone right in our office. I’m very happy with your service!”
– Darin Neslein, Southeastern System Services

“I just wanted to let you know your people are doing a great job!:
– Diane Wesgate, Victor Furniture

“I love you guys ‘ you’re doing a great job for me!”
– Ed Gauthier, Norwich Discount Oil

“I want to compliment your operators on being so professional and thorough with our calls.”
– Dana Guarneri, Indoor Weather Control

“You guys are doing a good job!”
– Don Whitford, Mack Morris Heating & Air

“You’re doing a great job ‘ I love you!”
– Nick Costello, Tri State Roofing

“Please tell everyone they are doing a wonderful job, and thank you for all the hard work ~ We love you!”
– Karen Nabors, Northeast Parent & Child

“You guys always do such a great job!”
– Ron Metzger, Ron Metzger Carpet Cleaning

“Please let your staff know they do a wonderful job, thank you and keep up the good work.”
– Chris & Michael McDonald, McDonald Funeral Home

“It is a pleasure having you answer our phones. We know we’re in great hands.”
– Phil Brendese, Brendese Funeral Home

“Thank you for the care and service you provide us!”
– Denise Mosher, Eastern Heating & Cooling

“Thank you for all your hard work ~ everyone is so nice!”
– Gayle Lowe, Randall Lowe Plumbing

“I love the professionalism of your service. I’ll be opening a new office in June, so we’ll be adding another account!
– Eric Dorr, J.M.J. Plumbing

“I called my office number to leave a message for my staff ‘ I’m very pleased with your service!”
– Martin Palmer, Attorney

“Thanks for all your great work!”
– Mike Ferguson, Digital Dynamics

“Thank you so much for the great service you provide!”
– Jim Smith, Jim Smith’s Heating & Cooling

“I want to extend my appreciation to your staff for all their efficient hard work ‘ I am beyond ecstatic about the service I receive!”
– Ron Metzger, Ron Metzger Carpet Cleaning

“Your service is great, has always been great and will continue to be great!”
– Joe Stevens, Albany Tree Service

“I’m 100% satisfied with your service ‘ I wish I found you 5 years ago!”
– Dave Wood, Maplewood Ice

“Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job during the Hurricane Sandy Crisis.”
– Barbara Reuter, Nassau Roofers

“You’re doing a great job ‘ keep it up !”
– Marc Ginsberg, Authorized Heating


''Thank you to all of you who worked with me on Christmas Eve. It was a very busy day and your patience and positive outlooks made it a more than tolerable time for me. It had the potential to be an awful day and you all made sure that didn't happen.'' Debbie Manginelli CDPHP Click HERE to read more testimonials.